Unsolicited renewal offers from third parties

We would like to advise you of a business practice that is becoming common in the domain marketplace and which may result in you inadvertently transferring your domain business away from HomepageUniverse.

With increasing frequency, outside companies are making unsolicited offers directed towards our customers. It has been brought to our attention that these letters have been causing a great deal of confusion among our customers.

It is of the utmost importance that you ignore ALL communications regarding your domain name registrations except those sent directly from HomepageUniverse.

We hope to clear up any confusion with this notice and our Fraud Action List.

The Trick

A company will send a letter to you, either by email, or via the postal service, thanking you for registering or renewing your domain name. The letter will also invite you, in language that suggests a prior business relationship, to make some change to your domain, or to simply renew it, which will result in the name being transferred away from HomepageUniverse and to the new company.

Protecting Your Domain Name Registration

We recommend taking the following steps to ensure that you aren't inadvertently deceived by these solicitations:

  • Ignore ANY communication regarding your domain name registration that is not from HomepageUniverse
  • Report any incidents to us directly at abuse@homepageuniverse.com.
  • Send us a sample of any solicitation letters as evidence.
    Homepage Universe, Inc.
    303 N. Glenoaks Blvd. Suite 200
    Burbank, CA 91502
  • Report the incident by filing it using the methods listed in our Fraud Action List
If you have already made a payment, we suggest contacting your bank or credit card company regarding your options of having payment stopped or reversed.

We regret that this notice is necessary, but feel it is important to notify our clients of this issue. If you have any questions regarding this or any other issue, please do not hesitate to contact us at abuse@homepageuniverse.com.