SnapNames Is the domain name you want already taken?

If so, like hundreds of thousands every month, it may soon expire and become available again. You can now "back-order" your name with SnapBack™.

SnapNames: Back-Order the 
                        name you always wanted but couldn't get.
Which one do you want?

When you back-order a name:
  • SnapBack will monitor the name around the clock, "24/7", so you don't have to.
  • If it becomes available during the next year, SnapBack will attempt to acquire the name for you the moment it becomes available.
  • The cost of a successful registration is included in the $69 one-year subscription price.
  • If the original registrant renews, or we are otherwise not able to register the name, you can transfer your subscription to a new name without cost.
Also, once you've got a valuable domain name, you should consider employing the same SnapBack technology to PROTECT the name for one year against hacking, theft, vandalism, expiration, and more, and to NOTIFY you instantly of any changes to the domain record. It's the most inexpensive form of insurance for preventing or minimizing loss available. (It's also the only way to prevent others from back-ordering your names.) Guard your existing names with a SnapBack subscription today.

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