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Hosting: Plesk or cPanel Control Panel

Plesk or cPanel Now Available
Both Plesk and cPanel are award-winning control panel software and include over 50 powerful features. The software adds many new capabilities and raises the bar in setting a new "Gold Standard" for web hosting administration. Plesk and cPanel currently managing close to 7 million domains worldwide and are clearly the leaders in the shared hosting marketplace.

Plesk and cPanel control panels are unique in their approach to hosting account management. Through one login, you have access to all areas of your account unlike other control panels that require 2 or even 3 different control panel logins to manage aspects of a hosting account! You will find the interface super logical and after one session inside Plesk or cPanel, you will be an expert - it's that easy!

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HomepageUniverse is proud to present the two most powerful control panels Plesk and cPanel. These outstanding control panels give you absolute control of your account and all accounts under you. This multi-level platform allows you to control everything from one login and one interface!

Plesk Demo
  • Demo Hosting Suite as an Administrator
    Login: admin
    Password: panel
  • Demo Hosting Suite as a Reseller
    Login: reseller
    Password: panel
  • Demo Hosting Suite as a Customer
    Login: customer
    Password: panel
  • Demo Hosting Suite as a Domain User
    Login: user@demo.parallels.com
    Password: panel
            Proceed to the Linux/Unix Demo
            Proceed to the Windows Demo

cPanel Demo
  • Demo cPanel  from a Root and Reseller Admin perspective
    Username: demo
    Password: demo
  • Demo cPanel  from a Domain Owner perspective
    Username: x3demob
    Password: x3demob
  • Demo cPanel  from a Reseller Domain perspective
    Username: x3demoa
    Password: x3demoa
            Proceed to Root and Reseller Admin Demo
            Proceed to Domain Owner Demo
            Proceed to Reseller Domain Demo