.CC Domain Names

The .cc domain is the ccTLD for Cocos (Keeling Islands), which has also come to represent "Chinese Corporation" and "Country Club," etc. In fact, .cc has become one of the most popular ccTLDs with over 400,000 domains registered in the first year alone. With most domain names still available, this growth should continue.

You can register your own personalised .cc web address, eg. bobsmith.cc or CompanyInc.cc for just ${.cc_regprice} per year and that domain can be yours for life, just as long as you keep it renewed. The only cost for the domain name is the registration fee, as we provide you with our standard suite of FREE value added services.

.CC domain names work just like any other domain name on the internet and there are absolutely no restrictions on who can register them and there are no limitations as to what you can do with it once registered.

.Cc Domain Pricing
Registration $39.00
Renewal $39.00
Transfer $39.00

All domain registrations, renewals and registrar transfers include our standard suite of services at no extra cost:

  • FREE Domain Forwarding
  • FREE Email Forwarding
  • FREE Nameserver (DNS) Control
  • FREE "Under Construction" Page
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